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January 2017

And It’s Only Tuesday …

Good thing we had such an amazing weekend because Monday and Tuesday have left something to be desired…


Started off with a bang ! Jim was averaging approximately 60 hits an hour to his face for the majority of the day. Our therapists were concerned that maybe his ears were bothering him because he was hitting them especially hard and also taking their hands and pressing them on his ears. 

We run into situations like this a fair amount, since Jim…

Tennis Anyone?

Throughout our journey with Jim we have had many opportunities to see the different types of people that are in this world . 
To name a few…. 

The horrible sales associate in a jewelry store who asked me if I had ever considered putting Jim in an institution when he was three years old.

The imbecile in the grocery store who watched me getting pulled into a cart by my hair and asked me while I was sweating bullets if I could…

Every Brother is a Hero

A day without a massive meltdown, or terrible acts of self-injury and aggression is a rarity around here. Typically it’s not a matter of if it’s going to happen, but rather when. 

Although not a day goes by without the presence of  these behaviors, some days are certainly better than others. Today was one of those days… and these are the days that I hold onto and think about when I feel like we’re in hell. 

There are days that Jim…

“J” is for Jim

Each week Christian’s class learns a different letter and this week it was letter J. 

Christian is obsessed with trains and usually tries to finagle his way into bringing one of his trains from Thomas and Friends that begins with the letter of the week – this usually works out because he literally has hundreds of trains… literally! 

So I thought for sure he would say that he wanted to bring in James the red engine. It was a slam dunk….

Lessons and Gratitude

We made the trek to MUSC yesterday.
Got Jim up at 6:00am and started off on the two hour journey to Charleston. We turned on the radio, set the blue tooth to shuffle and Willie Nelson came through the speakers singing “Crazy”, followed by “On the Road Again.” Honestly sometimes I feel like someone is watching us.

When my husband and I went to bed the night before, we were full of anxiety over what the next day was going to…